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STELLUX™ Austrian Crystal

Made according to a high-value lead-free formula, STELLUX™ Austrian Crystal is undeniably one of the longest lasting crystals in its category. Its advanced foiling withstands harsh manufacturing techniques such as soldering and electroplating, and offers high resistance to environmental influences such as water, chloride, or chemicals found in perfume, hairspray, and other cosmetic products.

Enduringly brilliant, STELLUX™Austrian Crystal is made to last: its lead-free formula, its high-tech protective foiling, and not to forget its striking consistency ?STELLUX™ over a wide range of colors and sizes will stand the test of time and put you in the lead.

Maximum brilliance

Whatever your customers perspective, they will see the difference!

The higher level of fire and light return creates a lively shimmer and makes STELLUX™ Austrian Crystal visibly and verifiably more brilliant than many other crystals.

Flat Backs Hotfix can be easily ironed on to textile materials such as wool, cotton, linen, viscose, lycra, alcantara, silk, synthetics and denim, to name just a few. The flat back of the crystal has a layer of hot-melt adhesive that is activated by using heat and then bonds with the carrier material. They are wash-resistant and come in a multitude of colours, sizes and cuts. They can also be used as no-hotfix, using glue on application method. 

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