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Avant Crystal

24cm Width Hot Fix Rhinestone Transfer Film Tape Application Paper Tool

24cm Width Hot Fix Rhinestone Transfer Film Tape Application Paper Tool

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This paper comes in two parts- a clear sticky plastic and backing paper. Perfect for making your own rhinestone, rhinestud, and nailhead designs. Two layers with clear peel-away adhesive backed top and white backing. Makes it easy to apply hot fix designs with household iron. 

This can be used to make your own rhinestone design transfers, that could be then applied on to garments using a household iron or a heat press. 

What sets it apart is the thickness, where the thinner papers collapse easily while lifting off your rhinestone designs, our paper will not let this happen and make the process easier. 

The glue quality of our mylar paper is excellent:

(1) It can be used multiple times and does not need to be thrown away after a single use.

(2) It does not leave any glue marks on garments.


  1. Choose a design, place the sticky side up on top of a drawing/design of your choice. Please note that the image should be mirrored . 

  2. Place hot-fix rhinestones glue side up on the sticky part of the paper. 

  3. When you are finished, replace the backing sheet back on the sticky part until you are ready to iron on. then remove the backing when you iron on the design to your item.

  4.  This hot fix tape is great to be applied with a household iron. It can be used for: t-shirts, photo albums, cloth bags and so much more! Let your imagination run wild

  • Please note: Price is per meter, orders will be folded for postage. 

  • Whole roll comes in 100 meters long. Please contact for discounted pricing. 

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